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Welcome to Skiathos Evreni Resort project, in the Diamandi Beach (ex-Koutsouri beach), at the Kalamaki peninsula of Skiathos.  The site is 48000sqm coming right up to a south facing secluded beach. 

The land is surrounded by privately owned forest areas, which endure the privacy of the properties from any future development.  As previously noted, the project is offered with two distinct options: 

Development of 5 luxury villas | Development of 5-star beach front hotel


Development of 5 luxury villas

The site is divided in 5 individual plots ranging from 4000sqm up to almost 8000sqm.  each plot has  distinctive qualities; all plots share the breathtaking view of the ocean and the proximity of the beach below.



The arrangement of the houses on site is suggestive.  The future developments will be placed according to the owners' architects and their technical advisors. 

Each plot can have a house which will be able to cover an area approximately 200sqm of main usage spaces (ground and first floor), 200sqm of secondary usage spaces (lower ground floor), and 40sqm semi-enclosed spaces.

Each house will have between 250 and 300sqm of outdoor space which will include a 50sqm open air pool with views to the Aegean sea.

* Site A: 7390sqm. (3822 forest area)

   202.6sqm. buildable square meters

* Site B: 4812sqm. developing site

   216.7sqm. buildable square meters

* Site C: 4070sqm. developing site

   201.4sqm. buildable square meters


* Site D: 4264sqm. developing site

   205.2sqm. buildable square meters


* Site E: 4169sqm. developing site

   203.34sqm. buildable square meters

Evreni Villas Skiathos, Prospective villa outlook Evreni Villas Skiathos, Prospective villa outlook
Evreni Villas Skiathos, Prospective villa outlook Evreni Villas Skiathos, Prospective villa outlook

Construction Specifications

It is our intention to ensure the quality of the future development and see that the architecture and construction of each of the five houses is of the highest level. 

We suggest a series of construction specifications and architectural suggestions that are in tune with the site's climate conditions and are in harmony with the surrounding landscape and natural environment.

  • Reinforced concrete structure and floor plates
  • Insulated double layered brick external walls
  • Brick internal walls
  • Central heating from independent boiler
  • Water for showers heated by solar boiler
  • Water supply from private water well
  • Biological wastewater treatment
  • Traditional slate flooring in veranda areas
  • Traditional slate flooring in the lounge and dinning area
  • Traditional screed floor in kitchen area
  • Wood flooring in bedroom areas
  • Slate-covered internal staircases
  • Traditional wooden window frames
  • Most of external walls finished with traditional rough render
  • Parts of external walls with slate cladding
  • A/C installation
  • Telephone, TV, Cable TV and Internet installation

Development of 5-star beach front hotel


The beachfront land-piece is available for the development of a luxury 5-star hotel 105-120 rooms, in an area of 21800sqmt approximately; all legalities are complete.  Please contact us via email info@zeg.gr or telephone +306994402464 to discuss in more detail.

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